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Why outsource your manufacturing to China?

  • Providing Chinese sourced high specification metallic and plastic components and assemblies to both large & SME western customers
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China remains highly competitive, with an average Chinese manufacturing labour cost of $3.3/hour compared with $31.2/hour in the UK, whilst maintaining quality standards equal if not better than that of the west.” [2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) – Deloitte]

China is ranked as the most competitive manufacturing nation in 2016 and ranks No1 as the most attractive location for manufacturing on the Manufacturing Risk Index that examines a range of risk and cost factors, including political and economic risk, and labour cost. [2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) – Deloitte and Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Risk Index 2018]

Getting it right in China requires expertise and knowledge that can only be gained through years of doing business in China. Our in-country team of Chinese nationals led by western management understand local business requirement, the cultural differences and western technical requirements. This leads to a high level of success.

Finding reliable, technically competent and stable suppliers in China is challenging, especially with the language difference. China Outsourcing solves this challenge through its long-term relationships with a trusted and competitive portfolio of Chinese suppliers.

China Outsourcing is a risk sharing partner and not an agency. Orders are placed on our UK company and we take responsibility for delivery, quality and supplier cost. We provide a financing package that extends from bill of lading to delivery at your site. We handle the logistics and manage the supply process in order to minimise your inventory costs while meeting your demand.

Sending your own people to market is costly and, without the cultural and business knowledge, risky. China Outsourcing reduces these costs and risk by acting as your team in China. We have an open policy and are happy to arrange and support your visits to our suppliers.

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What makes our service the best when outsourcing to China?


Our outsourcing service works so well because we offer you a service that spans both countries. Communicating with our team in the UK feels no different than any other UK-based manufacturing company. The difference is, we have an office and team based in China to ensure that your manufacturing goes ahead as planned and for the best cost!


The manager of our branch in China has close connections in the international manufacturing industry, and insider knowledge on how to achieve the best costs for our clients. We also provide the best support and advice when it comes to market entry, make/buy decisions and alternative specifications for materials.


We employ engineers and quality inspectors to monitor the quality of your manufactured product at every stage of the process, to ensure proper procedure is followed at all times and that quality requirements are met before shipment.

We make outsourcing your manufacturing to China a totally low-risk venture for your business. With huge savings to be made, why wait? Call us on + 44 (0) 1202 606141 today to find out more about the advantages of outsourcing your manufacturing requirements with us.

Recent Success Stories
Automotive aftermarket supplier
China Outsourcing needed to set up a supply chain for the customer which covered 26 components (some which were highly complex) whilst maintaining previously quoted costs.
Industrial Spray Finishing OEM
China Outsourcing set out to resource precision machined brass components for the client, looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the products.
Aerospace Ground Equipment OEM
Working with an aerospace company, we used expertise in welding and fabrication, working with our client's design and engineering departments to assist with production batches

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15th October 2019
The American car giant Tesla has moved its manufacturing process to China and begin production this month. The move to China is a bid to boost sales in the world’s largest automotive market and to avoid the higher import tariffs levied on US cars. It’s also reported that the move to China will bring down production costs. 
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