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A customer approached China Outsourcing with a supplier problem; we were able to assess supply and improve the quality and price of components for the customer.

Objective - Replace existing supplier, quickly, maintaining low cost prices and improving quality

China Outsourcing has worked with this customer since 2010, supplying large quantities of machined, cast and forged components on a call off basis. They approached us last year with a problem. An existing American supplier that imported components from China on our customer’s behalf had gone into liquidation and they needed us to evaluate their remote supply chain in China, resource components where required, whilst at the same time ensuring the continued supply of these production critical parts. 

Scoping - Assessing existing pricing and improving component value

With our offices in China we were uniquely positioned to deploy our highly experienced Western Engineers to assess the current supply base whilst our Chinese staff managed the cultural side of the fall out of the previous importer going into liquidation. Within 30 days China Outsourcing had developed relationships with existing suppliers that fit our supplier selection criteria and had key components moving again. Where suppliers did not fit our criteria, components were resourced with all production critical components shipped within 60 days. In addition, China Outsourcing was able to maintain the customer’s existing pricing and in a number of instances, both improve the quality of the components supplied and reduce the cost. 

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China Outsourcing needed to set up a supply chain for the customer which covered 26 components (some which were highly complex) whilst maintaining previously quoted costs.
Industrial Spray Finishing OEM
China Outsourcing set out to resource precision machined brass components for the client, looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the products.
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Working with an aerospace company, we used expertise in welding and fabrication, working with our client's design and engineering departments to assist with production batches