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How much does it cost to outsource to China?


Outsourcing your manufacturing to China can help save your business hundreds, if not thousands of pounds – but just how much will it cost?

Labour costs make up a significant, if not the most significant, portion of a business’s outgoing spend. By outsourcing some, if not all, of your parts manufacturing to China where minimum labour costs are much less than in the UK ($3.3ph in comparison to the UK's $31.2ph), you can effectively slash your production costs.

It’s not just the labour costs of staff you need to consider either, investing in necessary manufacturing machinery to produce the variety of parts you need can be incredibly costly in itself. It makes sense to make use of a facility which already has the necessary machinery to get the job done quickly.

What about the risks of outsourcing to China?

You may be thinking: that’s all well and good to save money on manufacturing, but what about quality and the potential problems of a language barrier? It’s of no benefit to your business to get back parts that are not to your specifications or up to standard.
That’s where our team at China Outsourcing Ltd comes in. Just like in the UK, there are manufacturers of varying standards in China, so it’s important to know just which company to choose in order to guarantee the quality of your parts.

We have UK representatives both based in England and China, with in depth knowledge of the manufacturing market in China and close relations with the most trusted manufactures. It is because of these close relationships that we can offer you the best possible prices for Chinese manufacturing, without the added risk of bad quality or misunderstandings.

Not only do we find you the best manufacturers at the best prices, we also oversee every step of the manufacturing process, you can rest assured that your forgings, castings, fabrications or machined parts are completely up to standard.

If you’re thinking of cutting your manufacturing costs by outsourcing to China, then there’s no better choice for UK-based businesses than China Outsourcing Ltd. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information about the advantages of outsourcing.