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How to successfully outsource manufacturing to China


Reap the financial rewards of outsourcing manufacturing to China by ensuring you know how to successfully negotiate the different market, cultural differences and language barrier. 

Test the waters before outsourcing all manufacturing

If you’re nervous about outsourcing all your manufacturing to China, begin by testing the water with just one product, perhaps one you need in much larger quantities than the rest as you’re likely to see a bigger saving. Once you’re confident with the process, you can begin to outsource more of your manufacturing requirements. 

Be wary of a bargain

While it’s always tempting to choose a supplier based on price, don’t be drawn in just because the deal is a bargain and too good to be true because, more often than not, it is. It’s important to remember that the supplier has a bottom line so, in order to get your business, they may quote you a reduced price but must therefore compromise on other areas such as quality of the product or working conditions. 

Overcome the language barrier 

Obviously one of the biggest barriers stopping many businesses from outsourcing manufacturing to China is the language difference. It can be all too easy to have misunderstandings with your supplier due to misspellings, typos or translation errors so ensure you are 100% confident with your design drawings. Misunderstandings at negotiation stage can also lead to unexpected price hikes later down the line. 

Be aware of cultural differences

Another reason that stops UK businesses from taking advantage of the savings outsourcing to China brings is the cultural difference and the worry you’ll inadvertently insult someone. For example, in some Asian countries, asking questions to clarify points is not the norm so you must be sure to encourage your supplier to ask questions until you’re sure they fully understand. 

Protect your property with an NNN agreement

Similar to a non-disclosure agreement, a non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention contract (NNN) is designed to help protect your property rights in China and must be drawn up in Mandarin by a professional lawyer. This then legally stops your supplier from copying and/or selling your designs. 

Take the stress away by outsourcing

At China Outsourcing, we take the worry out of outsourcing your manufacturing to China by taking care of everything, from initial consultation to delivery. Our UK based team and team of Chinese nationals in China, work together to find you the best supplier for your needs using our trusted portfolio and negotiate a great deal on your behalf. Our team also ensures your requirements are completely understood, all necessary quality checks are carried out and even arrange logistics and delivery of goods. 

Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from outsourcing your manufacturing to China? Contact the experienced team at China Outsourcing today on +44(0)1202 606141 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.