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What are the capabilities of Outsourcing to China?


Outsourcing to China can save you time, effort and money but before you take this step, it’s important to know exactly what manufacturing capabilities are available to you. At China Outsourcing, we are leaders in sourcing and supplying quality components to your specifications from Chinese factories. 

Our Chinese outsourcing capabilities include:

Casting - Casting refers to the process of pouring a molten material into a mould and allowing it to solidify. Though one of the oldest manufacturing techniques, thanks to advances in technology it is capable of producing a wide range of specialised products, from intricate plastic toys to huge wind turbine blades. As this type of manufacturing is efficient and economical, it is often used for mass production. Whether die, sand, investment or plaster, whichever kind of casting you need, China Outsourcing will ensure you receive the highest quality parts at the very best price. 

Machining - Machining is a material removal process where a cutting tool removes unwanted materials to produce the desired shape, from holes, slots and pockets to much more complex surfaces. As a more expensive process, Machining is often used in making prototypes or custom tools for other manufacturing processes. When you use China Outsourcing, you can rest assured our specialists have years of experience in the industry and can source quality machining operations and products for your business.

Fabrication - This type of manufacturing involves constructing products from scratch by assembling standardised parts through a number of individual processes, typically achieved using computer aided design (CAD). Due to the technologies involved, fabrication is capable of achieving higher standards of production than other processes, even in mass production. With offices based in China, our team know the best fabrication experts in the country and will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. 

Forging  - Put simply, forging is the process of shaping metals by force, often by way of hammering, pressing or rolling and is often the number one choice for those that require a high level of strength and accuracy from their metal parts. No matter the complexity of your forging requirements, our team at China Outsourcing have the capability to source first-class components and manufacturing for your business, at the best possible price.

Providing huge savings, high-quality parts and a complete service from inception to delivery, China Outsourcing is your number one choice for outsourcing your manufacturing to China. Why wait? Contact our experienced team today on + 44 (0) 1202 606141