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Why do companies outsource manufacturing to China?


Worried you’re missing out on some great benefits other companies are taking advantage of by outsourcing their manufacturing to China? Well, you are. China offers some fantastic perks that just can’t be beaten. Read to discover why so many businesses are offloading their manufacturing to the Asian country. 

Lower wages mean bigger savings

Lower costs of living in China mean lower wages for manufacturing staff when compared to the UK. International companies can therefore benefit from this sizable saving. It’s not just wages that businesses can scale back on; when you outsource to China, you also don’t have to pay for training, equipment or other associated resources and expenses. 

High production volume

China is often the go-to country for manufacturers looking to save money. As such, the country has invested an extraordinary amount to meet this high demand and is therefore capable of manufacturing vast quantities of products in a surprisingly short space of time. It also means they have the technology and skillset readily available to create even the most unique of items, saving you the time, effort and cost of sourcing specialist equipment yourself.

Trusted suppliers deliver high quality 

Just because China has a fast production turnaround doesn’t mean the quality of the product will be compromised. When you outsource to China through a specialist outsourcing company, you can be sure you’ll only be working with trusted factories which undergo rigorous and regular quality checks. 

Communication is no longer a barrier

Once upon a time, outsourcing to China might have seemed impossible due to different time zones, the language barrier and the fact that it’s almost 5,000 miles away. However, thanks to the advent of technologies such as video chat, instant online messaging and even Google translate, outsourcing to China has never been easier. While this tech certainly makes outsourcing your manufacturing much easier than it used to be, it still doesn’t eliminate the risk of mistranslations and cultural differences. For this, you’ll need an outsourcing company that has a dedicated team of Chinese nationals on the ground in their home country. 

At China Outsourcing, we have offices in both England and China and a trusted list of tried and tested suppliers, making outsourcing your manufacturing easy and totally low risk. To learn more about how we can help you, contact the team today on +44(0)1202 606141