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Why outsource your fabrication to China?


If you need metal or plastic fabrication but don’t want the expense or stress of taking it in-house, outsource your order to China and discover how easy, and cost-effective, the process can be with the help of China Outsourcing. 

What is fabrication?

Fabrication refers to the process of using machines and tools to remove excess materials from a raw material to create the desired product. Both metal and plastic products can be made from fabrication and include anything from hand railings and heavy machinery to cutlery and hand tools. 

The types of fabrication processes 

There are lots of different types of fabrication processes, which include the following: 

Cutting – materials can be cut using a saw, plasma torches, water jets and lasers. Each process has different advantages and some of the cutting machines can cost millions. 

Folding – while folding isn’t always the best method of fabrication, sometimes it can’t be avoided. The most common method of bending is the press brake which pinches the metal between two dies to form a crease. It can be better to use two different types of fabrication processes or fasten two different pieces together. 

Machining – this is the process where metal is removed from a piece of material using a lathe or rotating tool, such as a drill. 

Punching – this is where a piece of metal is cut into a specified flat shape by using a special tool, called a punch, which drives a hole through a piece of metal. 

Shearing – this is a process of making a long, continuous cut on a piece of metal, much like the ‘guillotine’ used to cut large pieces of paper. 

Stamping – stamping is similar to punching although the material isn’t cut through. Instead the die is shaped to make a raised dent in the material, rather than a hole. 

Welding – the process of joining two pieces of metal by heating the surface and melting the parts together. 

Why outsource your fabrication to China?

Fabrication tools can be incredibly expensive to acquire, and that doesn’t even take into account the cost of training staff to use it safely. However, there is a way you can still make the parts you need using fabrication but without the extortionately high cost. 

China has been the go-to place to outsource fabrication for decades, thanks to their low cost of living and unrivalled capabilities. As such, you can be sure that they will have the equipment you need for even the most demanding of projects, meaning you won’t have to fork out a fortune for one yourself. With the help of the experienced team at China Outsourcing, who are based in both the UK and China and have a portfolio of trusted suppliers, you can be sure you’re paying the very best price and getting the very best quality

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