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Our quality assurance when it comes to outsourcing your manufacturing is second to none. We undertake continuous checks to ensure standards are upheld.

  Upholding UK standards

We maintain a supplier performance and continuous improvement programme to check that our suppliers in China are performing to the highest level and undertake regular quality audits to ensure that your manufactured parts are up to British quality standards. China Outsourcing also manage the logistics and shipping process, so your manufactured parts reach you within your budget and deadline.

  Resolving problems quickly

If there are any problems, we positively react to solve them and to make sure they have minimum impact on your business. We continually review and flag up potential risks to prevent future problems from becoming an issue.

  Excellent communication

We have offices in both the UK and China. The benefit of having Chinese-speaking employees is that we can cut out any quality issues as a result of miscommunication due to language barriers. On your end, you will only ever need to communicate your requirements with our UK-based office, and we will take it from there.

  Knowledgeable team

Our team have in-depth knowledge of the Chinese, language, market and culture. This allows us to source you the best suppliers for the best possible price.  We have an established pool of trusted suppliers that produce only top-quality parts and components, with our own experienced engineering team to provide support.

  Maintaining your confidentiality

Throughout the whole manufacturing process, we maintain the strictest confidentiality and ensure that there is no intellectual property leakage. Your parts, components and ideas are in safe and trusted hands when you choose China Outsourcing as your outsourcing partner.

If you’re thinking of cutting your manufacturing costs by outsourcing to China, then there’s no better choice for UK-based businesses than China Outsourcing. We guarantee a professional, high-quality manufacturing service. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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Recent Success Stories
Automotive aftermarket supplier
China Outsourcing needed to set up a supply chain for the customer which covered 26 components (some which were highly complex) whilst maintaining previously quoted costs.
Industrial Spray Finishing OEM
China Outsourcing set out to resource precision machined brass components for the client, looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the products.
Aerospace Ground Equipment OEM
Working with an aerospace company, we used expertise in welding and fabrication, working with our client's design and engineering departments to assist with production batches

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