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Choosing an expert outsourcing company

Are you thinking of outsourcing your manufacturing to China? Then enlist the services of a professional outsourcing company to ensure you are protected from what can be a tricky market to negotiate. 

Ranked as the number one location for manufacturing according to the Deloitte and Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Risk Index 2018, China still provides UK based companies a highly cost-effective and efficient way to produce their manufactured metal components.
However, navigating the Chinese market is not easy, not least because of the cultural and language differences that make trading here completely different from that in the UK. China Outsourcing Limited, a leading outsourcing company, have an in-country Chinese team coupled with western management who, between them, have years of manufacturing experience in China to provide your company with a complete outsourcing solution, the very best deals and quality products.

If you’d like our experienced outsourcing company to take the pressure off your manufacturing process, contact our team today on +44(0)1202 606141

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Our Process

With over 15 years in the business, our outsourcing company has perfected the art of outsourcing to China in order to provide you with a stress-free, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solution: 

  We begin by understanding your manufacturing requirements and the overall goal of your business in order to provide the best possible solution to your needs.

  Next, China Outsourcing will ask you for drawings of the parts you want made in order to present them to our carefully selected list of tried and tested manufacturers. Don’t worry if they are not in Mandarin, as we will translate them for you. 

  Following this, we will approach our trusted suppliers for quotations. When you use our outsourcing company, you can rest assured our native Chinese team will secure on your behalf the best possible price without compromising on quality. 

  When you’re happy with the supplier and their quote, our quality assurance team will work with the manufacturer and your own technical department to ensure the product is exactly right. If applicable, we will send you a sample so you can check you’re happy with the final product before going ahead.

   Once the sample has been approved, the manufacturing of your components can begin. This is done under our vigilant supervision to ensure the quality you expect is upheld and can be made into a split order to minimis your risk. Out team will work with yours to determine the best shipment and delivery time scales so your parts arrive right on time.  

Why choose our professional outsourcing company?

  • Competitive pricing 
  • Ensure nothing gets lost in translation
  • Help translating blueprints and designs
  • Relieves you of logistical stress
  • High quality products that meet UK standards
  • Place orders of any size 
  • Use reliable and trusted manufacturers

Our outsourcing company boasts years of experience negotiating the very best Chinese manufacturing deals for a range of clients in a number of different industries. To learn more or to get started, contact our team today on +44 (0)1202 606141

Recent Success Stories
Automotive aftermarket supplier
China Outsourcing needed to set up a supply chain for the customer which covered 26 components (some which were highly complex) whilst maintaining previously quoted costs.
Industrial Spray Finishing OEM
China Outsourcing set out to resource precision machined brass components for the client, looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the products.
Aerospace Ground Equipment OEM
Working with an aerospace company, we used expertise in welding and fabrication, working with our client's design and engineering departments to assist with production batches

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