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Providing Chinese sourced high specification metallic and plastic components and assemblies to both large & SME western customers

We are industry leaders when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing components to your specifications. Casting is one manufacturing process we excel in; whatever the type of mould or material, our team of specialists will ensure that you receive quality castings for the best possible price.

If you have casting manufacturing requirements and are looking to make the most of outsourcing to China, we can help you get the best deals and best results. Contact us for more information on + 44 (0) 1202 606141.


Why outsource your casting to China ?

Casting involves pouring molten metal into a mould to form the desired shape and can be used to create a huge variety of parts, from automotive components and lamp posts to complicated valves and machinery equipment.

While the casting process may sound simple, it requires a huge amount of technical skill and specialist equipment in order to ensure the process is both successful and safe. As such, many western companies who require casting but do not have the machinery or the capacity outsource their manufacturing needs to China.

Outsourcing your casting needs to China not only saves you a huge amount of expense but effort and time too, as you eliminate the need to buy or hire complicated machinery, additional staff and implement the proper training. Chinese manufacturing factories have been the go-to place for the world’s manufacturing needs and have all the equipment and skilled labour force in place, ready and waiting, for even the most complex casting jobs.

Regulator -- Aluminium Casting.JPG
HP Impeller - Machined Stainless Steel C

How can China Outsourcing help with your casting?

China Outsourcing has years of experience partnering with companies who are looking to successfully outsource their casting needs to China. We have a team here in the UK, who will be your point of contact, as well as an on the ground team in China who eliminate any worries you may have about language and cultural barriers.

Outsourcing your casting to China has never been easier or more affordable than when you partner with China Outsourcing. We can help with the entire process, from translating designs to quality checks to shipping and repeat orders and our expert team have access to our large portfolio of trusted suppliers so you can be sure we will find the right factory for your casting needs and negotiate a fantastic price on your behalf.

To learn more about how China Outsourcing can help you outsource your casting to China at a fantastic price, get in touch today at +44(0)1202 606141.



For more information please contact us on + 44 (0) 1202 606141

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