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How to Source Precision Forgings from China in 2021?

Price is a key factor that most UK, American and European companies source precision forgings in China. Precision forging distributors especilly, have a district control on the cost of finished precision forging parts. As a China Outsourcing specialist, we would like to talk about how to source precision forgings in China. This article will show you the Pros and Cons of each approach used by our customers when they try to outsource forged parts to China individually.

Inside a Chinese forging factory

1) Contact Chinese precision forgings supplier:

When you have a project of precision forging, for cost consideration there is no doubt that Chinese precision forging companies are preferred. But how does one go about contacting a good Chinese supplier? The most simple way is research them via search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. You can then see a company list about precision forging. Click on each website, and check the capabilities of each company. Then choose some precision forging companies with impressive capabilities.


  • Little to no effort spent.

  • Fast, convenient and in-house execution.


  • Unreliable

  • Confusing due to the various and non-credited result

  • Time-consuming due to little to no knowledge about their actual capabilities and experience.

2) Request for quotation from a precision forging supplier in China

Send the drawing of your precision forging parts to some potential suppliers. After receiving the price of each precision forging company, you can select a few to gather a better and deeper understanding. It is not a wise choice for you to contact one whose price is the lowest. You get what you pay for, right? Please note quotation is also an important process for the buyer to learn more about suppliers. Using this process will enable you to decide whether the supplier is the right one for your precision forging part.


  • Little to no effort spent.

  • Fast, convenient and in-house execution.


  • Even when you can have a good number of suppliers to compare, the chances are that you still do not have the optimal quotation for your product.

  • When you have the drawing of your precision forging parts delivered to various forging suppliers in China, you are prone to a high risk of a violation of Intellect Property Rights.

3) Arrange a visit to a Chinese supplier:

Once you’ve confirmed a Chinese supplier, it is necessary to arrange a day visit to the factory. If this is your first time in China, please do not worry, you can request the sales manager you are in contact with to book a ticket, hotel, etc for you. They can even pick you up at the local hotel or other places close to our factory. The visit will prove if we have the capabilities to supply you with high-quality precision forgings.


  • Chinese suppliers are well-known for their hospitality and it is assured that you will have a plesant time in China.

  • By visiting each forging factory on your list, you can potentially have full confidence in outsourcing your forged component in China.


  • It is not cost-effective when travelling from UK, US or EU to China, especially during the current pandemic and uncertain situation around the globe.

  • Even if you are willing to go to China, the language barrier remains amongst yourself and the forging suppliers.

4) Sample testing:

A trial order for 1 sample of precision forgings for testing is vital before mass production. Upon receiving the sample, please check both the dimensions & tolerance. Also make sure to check the material compositions and hardness if required, etc. It is better if the supplier can offer you full reports regarding the first sample.


  • China has been considered the “workshop of the world” for decades and its procedure has been well-tailored to meet international standards.


  • It will take time to ship the sample to your location. If there are any defects or faults with the sample, it could delay the process further if adjustments are required.

5) Mass production of your forging product:

Once the sample is approved, it is time to proceed with mass production. If the order quantity is large, you could ask for the first delivery of some samples from mass production precision forgings be delivered for inspection by air. Alternatively, you could arrange a further visit to test yourself providing you have sufficient time and budget.


  • Again, years of being the worlds top-performer in outsourcing manufacturing make China the best option for your forged components mass production.


  • However, there are still many factors to consider even when your first batch of forged parts is ready. Packaging, Documents and Shipment are often a hurdle for any foreign customer when it comes to outsourcing to China.

In conclusion, cooperating with a competent precision forging supplier is very important for your project. Any wrong decisions will cause both a loss in time and money. Founded in 2002, China Outsourcing Limited is focused on the procurement of proprietary metal components such as castings, machined castings, machined components, metal fabrications, forgings, and stampings for a broad range of industries. We are a high-performance supplier with over 4.5m parts shipped annually, covering over 1000 different part numbers to over 30 customers worldwide. We handle parts weighing a few grams to large fabricated assemblies and work hard to ensure your internationally outsourced project runs smoothly.

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