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Industrial Spray Finishing OEM

Updated: May 1, 2021

China Outsourcing set out to resource precision machined brass components for the client, looking to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the products.

Objective – reduce costs and maintain quality whilst providing regular monthly deliveries and holding stock. We have been working with this customer since 2007 and China Outsourcing’s on time delivery and acceptance performance have exceeded 99.9% since day 1. Initial brief – resource five, high volume / low value, precision machined brass components. Our initial brief was to resource five, high volume / low value, precision machined brass components that were being manufactured in house, to significantly reduce the costs. These items were all production critical so quality was of the utmost importance. Outcome – satisfied client and ongoing work. Since successfully fulfilling the original brief in 2007, the customer has been very happy with the quality of the parts that China Outsourcing supply and they have increased both the quantity of each item and the number of parts they receive from us year on year. We now deliver more than 40,000 components per month across 20 different part numbers, produced using a range of manufacturing processes including machined, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and steel, pressure die casting and plastic injection moulding and always hold a minimum of 1 month’s stock for them so that we can cater for any spikes in demand. Prices have been very stable over the years and on many occasions we have been able to reduce component prices due to increased production efficiencies and careful currency management. Our customer has been so pleased with China Outsourcing’s service and reliability we now supply a number of their overseas branches as well. Is your business looking to save on its manufacturing costs? Outsourcing to China is an excellent way of cutting your costs, especially when you choose the right partner. Our team of expert outsourcers can help you get the best rates and quality. Contact us today to find out more on + 44 (0) 1202 606141.


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