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Why it’s important to choose the right outsourcing team

Just like manufacturing in-house, outsourcing - especially abroad - comes with a fair number of risks for those who are underprepared. Having the right outsourcing partner by your side to oversee the process, help you find the right manufacturer and ensure the quality of your parts and components, is essential to ensure success.

1. Remove the risk of miscommunication

Outsourcing to China can come with a lot of benefits, primarily cost. However, there is the risk of a misunderstanding occurring due to a language barrier; it can be frustrating trying to get your point across and costly when something goes wrong.

In order to combat this risk, we have a team placed permanently out in China who are fluent in the language. Meanwhile, you will only need to communicate your requirements to our UK-based team. We then take care of all necessary diagram translations and ensure that your requirements are communicated clearly to the manufacturer.

2. Ensure a high-quality product

Just like anywhere else, some Chinese manufacturers are better than others. Many UK businesses make the mistake of choosing the cheapest possible option, without looking into the manufacturer’s credentials. This could be a costly mistake and result in components or castings that are not up to your standards.

At China Outsourcing Limited, we have built connections with the most trusted Chinese manufacturers with proven results. We can find you the most reliable company to carry out your manufacturing work at a very cost-effective price. We also have a team out in China, so can oversee your manufacturing project from beginning to end to ensure that quality standards are maintained throughout.

China Outsourcing Limited has been helping UK businesses save money by outsourcing their manufacturing to China for decades. Our team has a firm grasp of both the UK and Chinese manufacturing markets and have a portfolio of trusted manufacturers in China, so can help you find the best fit for your needs. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1202 606141 to find out more.



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