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More than just an introduction agent

China Outsourcing Limited provides low-cost, low-risk manufacturing solutions for businesses looking to reduce production and supply costs. We are much more than just an introduction agent – once you place your order, we take full responsibility for the price, quality, and on-time delivery of parts to your business.

Getting it right in China requires expertise and knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience. Our team of Chinese nationals in our Chinese office led by western management understands the local business, cultural differences, and western technical requirements - this leads to a high level of success.

Finding reliable, technically competent, and stable suppliers in China is challenging especially with the language difference. China Outsourcing solves this challenge through its long-term relationships with a trusted and competitive portfolio of Chinese suppliers.

How to Outsource to China

Our experienced engineering, quality and procurement team will take care of all aspects of the manufacturing process on your behalf, whilst you deal solely with our UK office – just as you would with any other UK based supplier. This means that you get the benefit of excellent overseas manufacturing prices with zero communication problems or potential confusion.

We are a risk-sharing partner and not an agency. We provide a financing package that extends from bill of laden to delivery at your site. We handle the logistics and manage the supply process in order to minimise your inventory costs while meeting your demand. China Outsourcing reduces costs and risk by acting as your team in China. We have an open policy and are happy to arrange and support your visits to our suppliers.

Whatever the size of your company or type of manufacturing requirement, China Outsourcing Limited will create a bespoke, low cost, sub-contract manufacturing programme that is right for you. Contact us today to get started!

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